UAB "VITMARGA" provides the following services:

  • Mechanical processing;
  • Demolition and installation of structural technological equipment, preparation for inspection, repair (pipelines, tanks, reservoirs, columns, reactors, heat exchangers, furnaces);
  • Disassembly, installation and repair of rotary technological equipment;
  • Cooling equipment;
  • Metal constructions production;
  • Welding works for standard, color and special steel;
  • Manufacture of non-standard metal products;
  • Manufacture of technological equipment for buildings.
  • Rent.

Installation and welding of technological pipelines

We install various technological applications, pipelines, petrochemical products, trunk, internal heat, cold water, water supply and sewer pipelines and their systems for various applications and complexity. We carry out installation works for boiler houses, compressors, pumping stations, refrigeration stations and assemblies, transportation mechanisms and systems:

  • We weld black, special and stainless steel piping;
  • We clean and paint the surface of pipelines and technological equipment.


We install and repair pressure vessels, various tanks and tanks for storage of gas, oil, chemical and agricultural products:

  • Weld steel tanks and pressure vessels;
  • Cleaning and painting of the surfaces of containers.

Metal constructions

We manufacture and install various public, industrial and commercial buildings from easy and quick metal assemblies:

  • We assemble carbon steel for various purposes;
  • We carry out production and installation of stainless steel structures;
  • We manufacture and install technological constructions;
  • Cleaning and painting of various steel structures;
  • Manufacturing of pipe spools.

Vehicle rental

  • Industrial transport;
  • Cars.