UAB "VITMARGA" was registered in 2016 and is now a fast growing contractor company providing services to clients all over Lithuania and abroad. Since the foundation UAB "VITMARGA" the variety of services, personnel qualification, number of employees, turnover, production volumes and workplaces has increased.

The mission is to create value for customers, create valuable workplaces and create value for the company.

The vision is to become a reliable, innovative, modern technology company, distinguished by the high quality of products and services, able to flexibly work in different markets, attractive and responsible for employees, society and the environment.

Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety policy

JSC “VITMARGA“ undertake to evaluate the quality of provided services and work, to protect the surrounding environment, to implement safe work conditions not only for employees, but also for customers and subcontractors.

In order to strengthen our pozition in the market and meet the criteria of the clients we implemented and integrated Quality, Environmental and OHS management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 standards.

High quality of provided sevices, a clean environment, healthy and safe employees are the main priorities of the company.

Our responsibilities:

  • Comply with quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management standards.
  • To be the best and most efficient in the Lithuanian market in terms of quality, therefore to strive for the highest quality standards.
  • Planning and performing of the work to achieve the best economical results not only by saving resources, but also creating and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions during the process.
  • Continuously improve the qualification of employees of our company, implement more advanced technologies and work organization methods.
  • Comply with the legal requirements applicable to the company, develop and implement measures to reduce environmental pollution, use natural resources rationally and economically, identify hazards, assess risks and provide for its management and preventive measures.
  • Periodically review quality, environmental and OHS objectives to ensure that they are consistently relevant.
  • Analyze the efficiency of quality, environmental protection and OHS management system procedures, prepare programs to achieve higher goals, allocate resources for their implementation.
  • Require each employee to be responsible for the quality of their work in accordance with their position and competence.
  • Provide employees safe and comfortable working conditions after assessing safe working factors, risks and threats, thereby reducing work-related potential accidents, incidents and illnesses.
  • Constantly consult and listen to the employees and their representatives the opinion about the improvement of performance of the company.
  • Continuously improve the quality, environmental and OHS situation in the company.